Family Fridays

My son has ADD.  He takes medication for it and is very successful in school because of it and much easier to live with at home, too.  I, however, do not take medication for ADD, as could be witnessed by the pile of half-finished chores I have today.  I’m constantly walking into a room and going, “Oh, yeah, I was folding the laundry…” or “Oh, yeah, I was doing the dishes…”.  My mind is so flighty at times it’s a wonder I get anything done.  But, hey, I wouldn’t be able to have Totally Random Thursdays if it weren’t for that, so, I guess it’s okay.


About M.J. Schiller

I am a mother of four/writer/lunch lady. I set my blog up when my son looked at my Facebook wall and said, "Mom, you don't status, you blog!" Let's put it this way, I'm one of the only people that constantly comments on my own statuses!
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