Kitchen Notes

Being Lent, I made fish this evening for the hubbie.  Two problems with Mary cooking fish:  1) since I only cook it during Lent, I’m not exactly skilled at it; 2) I don’t eat fish and I find it very difficult to cook anything that I don’t eat myself because I never know for sure if I’m doing it right.  Anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, cooking the fish got me to musing. My self-diagnosed ADD makes my thoughts ricochet around like a ball in a pinball machine so hold on tight. 

My least favorite cooking instruction–“turn once.”  Who can do that?  I want to turn the food as soon as I put it in the pan.  I have to know what the other side is doing, for gosh sakes!  What about you?  Do you have what it takes to follow this instruction?  If so, more power to you, but I’m flipping the sucker at least 20 times.  My fish tonight looked like it had just been landed, flopping around in my pan.

Favorite cooking instruction–“beat slightly”, because I always add in my head “just until they whimper”.  I know, issues.

Most frightening cooking instruction–“beat until stiff peaks form”.  This is due to a tragic accident I had one year when making Napoleons for my annual Christmas party.  I overbeat the cream and it separated.  It tasted good, but looked horrible, so now I have a complex and stop about every 5 seconds to see if my peaks have formed or not.

So, there ya have it.  Mary’s thoughts on cooking.  Don’t you feel enlightened?


About M.J. Schiller

I am a mother of four/writer/lunch lady. I set my blog up when my son looked at my Facebook wall and said, "Mom, you don't status, you blog!" Let's put it this way, I'm one of the only people that constantly comments on my own statuses!
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