We were able to sleep in this morning as we did Mass last night.  What a joy!  I got up and asked if anyone wanted French toast.  Receiving an intensely positive response I trundled off to the Fast Stop for bread, milk, and syrup.  Since I don’t have a big griddle, cooking French toast for my family is a lengthy process at just two slices at a time.  An hour, one and a half loaves of bread, 6 eggs, and one bottle of syrup (!) later, we all were over-full with one lonely piece of French toast left over. 

My family doesn’t eat French toast correctly, however.  They all go for the syrup/brown sugar variety while I prefer jelly on mine, with a dusting of powdered sugar on top of that, (as, clearly, there’s not enough sugar without that sprinkling!). 

Nice capper for our Spring Break!


About M.J. Schiller

I am a mother of four/writer/lunch lady. I set my blog up when my son looked at my Facebook wall and said, "Mom, you don't status, you blog!" Let's put it this way, I'm one of the only people that constantly comments on my own statuses!
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