My friends at work have adopted a new name for me, Sr. Mary Jean.  This refers to my obsession with following the rules, no matter how stupid they are.  Since there seems to be no way around this little facet of my personality, I’ve decided to embrace it.  I’m sure it has something to do with a mistake in my potty training, so I guess I’ll just have to live with it. 

Now, it’s one thing to always need to do things the right way, quite another to harp on others to do so; I try to temper that end of it, unfortunately sometimes without much success. 

When I was in second grade, my sister and brother called me “Prudence”.  It was neither a positive nor endearing term.  When I was in eighth grade and was a synchronized swimmer, there was an award ceremony where everyone received a made-up award.  Mine was something like, “to Mary, the only person she’s harder with than her teammates is herself.”  I guess old habits die hard. 

Speaking of habits, I guess Sr. Mary Jean fits.  God bless her and those she works and lives with!


About M.J. Schiller

I am a mother of four/writer/lunch lady. I set my blog up when my son looked at my Facebook wall and said, "Mom, you don't status, you blog!" Let's put it this way, I'm one of the only people that constantly comments on my own statuses!
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2 Responses to SISTER MARY JEAN

  1. Kathy says:

    Very cute – did you wear your hat again today Mary?! You really need to live on the edge a little bit more – more karaoke is mandatory!!! Have a wonderful weekend Sr. Mary Jean!

  2. It’s so strange, because I can see how ridiculous I am at times, but can’t seem to help myself. Sure, the dishwasher is supposed to be broken down all the way on Fridays and washed, but would the world stop turning if it didn’t happen? I know I drive my more haphazard friends as nuts as they drive me!

    I remember discovering my own analness. It was shortly after the triplets were brought home from the hospital. I was washing bottles and I glanced over at the towel on the counter and realized that I had all of the parts in rows, cap, ring, nipple, bottle, and all the colors in columns, red, purple, yellow…. It kind of freaked me out, so I decided to just put the next part I washed anywhere on the towel. So I did. But as I continued to wash, I kept looking over at it, and looking over at it, and it bugged me that it was out of place and I finally had to move it. Weird? Definitely! Result of me trying to establish some sense of order in a chaotic world of newborn triplets and a two year old and four hours of non-consecutive sleep a night? More than likely. But scary? YES!

    Come on my little obsessive/compulsive brothers and sisters, I know you’re out there, tell me that you’ve done something like this before, too!

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