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Dropped Don off at work and came home to crawl back in bed.  Perfect morning.  As I gazed out the window the sun was peeking over my neighbor’s roof and back-lighting patches of leaves in the trees, leaving places in … Continue reading

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I had the most wonderful dinner tonight.  Something I probably haven’t had in five years, and it will probably be another five years before I have it again.  Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs.  I will have heartburn later, but it was worth it.  You … Continue reading

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Contest Entries

Below are three enteries for the Love Contest on An Aspiring Writer’s World blog.  The contest asked for a love scene (didn’t have to be physical love) 750 words or less which was to be posted on your blog.  If … Continue reading

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It never fails to amaze me.  I know it shouldn’t, but it does.  I am continually astounded by the way God answers my prayers.  And I’ve found that the more sincere the prayer, and the more open I am to … Continue reading

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